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February 18, 2009
 Dear Myles,
 I would like to thank Versatile Siding for the high quality service and product that was provided to me and my clients. Myles and Gary ensured the project moved along in a timely manner, within budget, and provided superior results. Any concerns were handled quickly and with the utmost respect for my clients. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, and look forward to working together with them in the future.
 Marlin Schulz
Schulz Construction Company

Re:  Versatile Sidings

Scherle Construction has hired Versatile Sidings for its last two residential projects that included a Spec Home and a Custom Home. 

For the Spec Home Versatile Siding provided the Hardi-Board and Rock for the entire project.  The crew for this project showed up on time, did the job in a professional manner, and Scherle Construction was invoiced for the quoted amount.  If there was a minor item to be addressed Myles would send out his crew to address the problem and to answer any questions right away.

For the Custom Home Versatile Siding provided the Hardi-Board and Metal for majority of the project. Versatile Siding was faced with an extremely difficult project with many changes.  This project was not a typical job since the project required different materials to be used in an unusual way; for example metal roofing material to be used on an exterior wall transitioning to either Stucco or Hardi.  Unfortunately there were problems stemming from personal issues coming from one of the crew members that were sent on this project.  This caused a situation where Scherle Construction and Versatile Siding had to sit down and come up with a solution that both parties agreed on.  Because of the professionalism that Myles showed, and being able to work with us on a solution, Scherle Construction was able to move ahead on the project without any resentments or hard feelings.
Due to the experiences I have had with Versatile Siding, I would recommend them to complete the exterior siding of residential projects.
Steve Lea
Project Manager
Scherle Enterprises Ltd.

Dear Mr. Melia,
It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation which I hope you will have the opportunity to present to your future clients.  You and your whole organization have been outstanding to work with and have provided us with quality services at exceptionally competitive pricing, on budget and on schedule.
West Coast Luxury Homes Ltd. recently retained Versatile Siding Solutions Ltd. to provide exterior finishing services for two high-end residential homes in a new subdivision, each sold at $1.4 million.  VSS was actually recommended to us by another well-known stucco company who had scheduled us in months ahead of time but was unable to meet the scheduled start date in any reasonable amount of time due to other commitments that had run longer than expected.  It turns out that this was the best thing that could have happened to us.
We had VSS complete the acrylic stucco on the first house and were so impressed with the quality of work, the timeliness of completion and the commitment to excellence, that we then retained VSS do the acrylic stucco, stone masonry, the gutters, glass railing and vinyl deck cover on the second house.  Even during this extremely busy building season, each of these services was completed in a timely manner.  If a tradesperson or a team of tradespersons was scheduled to work at our jobsite, they always showed up first thing in the morning without fail.  Anyone building in the Okanagan can appreciate how rare that is.
Versatile Siding Solutions Ltd. has consistently provided very competitive pricing on all their services, so much so that getting comparison quotes has become a moot exercise.  That being said, reasonable pricing is the least of the reasons that we will continue to use and to recommend VSS.  All members of the VSS team were attentive and interested in the work they did on our projects.   Notwithstanding the high level of professionalism demonstrated by each of the tradespersons on your team, what most impressed us is that you still personally followed up with your employees to ensure the job was proceeding smoothly and inspected the site at the end of each stage of the job. 
We knew that if we called you and didn’t get to speak directly to you (which was very rare), we could expect a return call almost immediately.  Even e-mail queries sent late at night miraculously received your response by the next morning.  You keep your promises and are willing to go the extra mile in terms of client satisfaction; and though it’s unfortunate to have to say, that is something extremely rare in this industry.  You have always been accurate in your assessment of  time and cost; and, if anything, you are more likely to be guilty of underpromising and overdelivering, rather than the other way around.
A testament to the way in which VSS carries on business is the way you handled a particular problem which arose on one of our jobs.  Due to an inadvertent error by one of your employees, there was some damage to a small portion of roofing materials.  Instead of trying to apportion blame, you took responsibility for the damage and immediately had the problem remedied.  You actually followed up with us to make sure it was rectified to our satisfaction.  In that situation, I’m sure that most contractors would have tried to avoid dealing with the problem.  You have always been honest and straightforward with us and that is what we most appreciate about you. 
As a reputable builder, West Coast Luxury Homes Ltd. differentiates itself from its competition not only by bringing value to our clients and homeowners but also by cultivating great business relationships in the process. These are core values that are clearly shared by you and your company. 
Your attention to detail, commitment to excellence and impeccable organizational skills are a credit to the industry.  We would not hesitate in recommending Versatile Siding Solutions Ltd. for any exterior finish work, whether it be high-end residential or commercial projects. 

Best regards,
Sylvia Lee, B.A. LLB. & Michael Campo
West Coast Luxury Homes Ltd.

Reference letter for Versatile Siding
To Whom It May Concern:
I am the Director of Construction for CorWest Builders and have had the
pleasure of working with Versatile Siding on a number of projects. I have been
consistently impressed with their professionalism and performance, and they
have always completed their projects on time and on budget.
I would highly recommend Versatile Siding to anyone without reservation. Should
you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Chris Little
Director of Construction
CorWest Builders